WCS Workshop dates 2017 with Mike Rosa, Stock Village Hall, Stock, Essex CM4 9NF

Sunday 4th June Stock Village Hall Westies in Essex are delighted to be hosting a WCS FLASHMOB Workshop with Mike Rosa. Mike teaches a regular monthly Step by Step WCS Workshop for us. Our workshops are suitable for complete Beginners through to the more advanced WCS dancer.

This workshop will run to a slightly different format to our usual workshops. Doors open 1.00pm for Registration and some pre workshop dancing First Class starts at 1.15pm

1.15pm Absolute Beginners,
an essential class for anyone dancing WCS less than 6 months. Without strong foundations we will find it very difficult to progress in this dance.

2.05pm Beyond Basics/essential Fundamentals class for everyone, introducing some concepts of the FLASHMOB routine
2.45pm 20 mins BREAK time, grab a coffee, dance

3.05pm Introducing the Patterns/sections of the WCS Flashmob 2017

We hope to fit some social dancing in too at the end of the workshop. We end our afternoon around 6.30pm’ish

SATURDAY 3rd JUNE our WCS Freestyle Great Easton Village Hall, CM6 2HE  8.30pm to 11.30pm


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Westies in Essex warmly welcome Mike Rosa, UK top Professional WCS Instructor, for 9 yrs to our Stock venue in Essex (CM4 9NF, Stock Village Hall) for the first of a series of WCS Workshops with Mike, which will be held on the first Sunday of each month next year.. He has taught nationally as well as internationally both in the US and Europe.etc…..

In his own words and part of his ‘step by step’ approach to WCS teaching:
“Not all instructors are created equal. It is rare to find good dancers who are also truly good teachers. The earlier in your dance experience you are exposed to my West Coast Swing instruction, the easier it will be to learn, and the more fun you will have. my workshops are also entertaining (so I’ve been told); you will be shocked how much you are actually learning and all of it applies to the social dancefloor. I don’t teach pattern routines, If I can’t lead it on the social dance floor I won’t teach you it, “It’s WCS for everybody”.
If you are…
A Social Dancer: my instruction is designed for the social dancer in all of us! All classes will focus on socially leadable and followable skills so that you have the most enjoyable dance every time on the floor and you leave your partners wanting more.
If you are…
A Technical Dancer: If you are a technical dancer, you want to learn the technical nuances and details about West Coast Swing. All workshops focus on the aspects that unlock the secrets of this dance to help you become a better social ( and/ or competitive dancer).
Whatever you are, you will become…
A Versatile Dancer: As a versatile dancer, you enjoy seeing how West Coast Swing has been shaped and influenced over the years by different Musical genres and Dance styles. I will show how to dance to different music, also incorporate Lyrical Jazz, Tango, and Street Dance styling into your own West coast swing dance so that you stand out on the dance floor.”
Westies in Essex want to make WCS dancing accessible to all , Come and see for yourself how much fun WCS dancing can be.
We open our doors at 1.30pm with music playing, so you can come in and warm up before the workshop at 2pm. After the wokshop there will be an opportunity for some social dancing.
Beginners welcome, as we will be running a review class! whilst the workshop progresses for more intermediate dancers.
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