Two Workshops! Sunday 3rd February 1pm to 10.30pm. Smooth Slotted Jive with WCS influences & Modern Expressive Blues Workshop. Both followed by Freestyle dancing

Westies in Essex are delighted to host this Slotted Jive workshop with WCS Influences on Sunday 3rd February with Matt Cox from Serene Dance in Maidenhead and Sharon Mortimer. This is the first of two workshops we are running on Sunday 3rd February. The Second workshop will be an Expressive Modern Blues Workshop taught by Tor Khan and will run from 5.45pm to 10.30pm and will includes a Bluesy/Chilled Freestyle running from 7.45pm to 10.30pm. Each Workshop will be an intensive 2 hour Masterclass, no breaks! Timings are as follows:
12.30 doors open/Registration & come and make a cuppa (with your mug of course) so we are ready to start the first workshop prompt at 1pm.
1pm to 3pm Slotted Jive Masterclass with WCS influence taught by Matt Cox and Sharon Mortimer.
3pm to 4.45 Social Dancing wth Matt Cox djiing & dancing of course! so expect some cool tracks to dance to.
4.45pm to 5.45 pm FOOD SHARE! Let’s take a break have some food (bring whatever you fancy), maybe you might even decide to bring some wine or some beer. We will set up some tables, provide hot and cold drinks and some nibbles too.
5.45pm too 7.45pm Expressive Modern Blues Masterclass with Tor Khan
7.45pm to 10.30pm Bluesy/Chilled FREESTYLE! Tell your friends to join us if they have been unable to attend our workshops. Tea/Coffees/cold drinks/nibbles to keep us dancing to the end! Just £10 on the door for them.
SLOTTED JIVE WORKSHOP WITH WCS INFLUENCE! The Theme is ‘musicality’: how to adjust your dancing style/technique to match the varied song dynmaics and speeds/tempo of music. As part of this Workshop Matt and Sharon We will be teaching and demonstrating ‘variations’ of everyday dance moves & patterns, helping you to add in extra technique to help build a flawless smooth jive/slotted dance style connection with your partner.
From Sharon and Matt, “We had a blast last time and we look forward to doing it again”.
Building the Blues part 2- Pivotal Blues
Tor will be teaching and demonstrating essential dance technique for both leads and follows, helping you to find your turning point in Blues. This month’s skills section focuses on the flow of contact and connection through the conversational partnership. Tor will be teaching for us throughout the year and each workshop with us will be a progression on the last,
1 x Workshop INCLuding SOCIAL DANCING (a’noon & eve) £25
2 x Workshops INCLuding SOCIAL DANCING (a’noon & eve) £45
Book as a Lead & Follow £45 per workshop
JUST FREESTYLE Bluesy & Chilled £10 – pay on the door, no need to pre book
TO BOOK YOUR PLACE pre payment essential. Please email me first before making payment. CONTACT JANICE WASHER ON FACEBOOK MESSENGER OR EMAIL
WE Can’t wait to get this show on the road again in February!
Tel 01371 870303

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