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We have two Fantastic Dance Workshops lined up for 5th/6th January. Expressive Blues Workshop with Tor Khan and her Team and a Smooth Slotted Jive Workshop with Matt Cox and Sharon Mortimer with some delicious WCS flavouring

Our Expressive Blues Dance Workshop we are running on Saturday 5th January is a new venture for us, although we have been a WCS dance club for around five years now. Tor is going to run a series of Blues workshops and some classes on a Sunday that will progress us through the different aspects of Expressive Blues dancing. We are a dance club that will be bringing in different dance teachers throughout the year to teach different styles of dance and it will be up to you how you ‘blend’ what is taught into your social dancing. On the Sunday 6th January we are running a Smooth Slotted Jive workshop with Mat Cox and Sharon Mortimer teaching us how to express more musicality into our jive dancing and there will be a WCS flavor to it. So, in answer to your question we hope our workshops will cater for all levels. Our aim is to bring people together of all different abilities but who have a passion for dance. They may have a different take on dance, different musicality skills, but then that’s where the magic happens…right on the dance floor, hopefully in our Tea Dance later that afternoon lol. hope to see you in January, pre booking essential.

Kicking off 2019 or as we like to say, we are introducing ‘Mash it up’ Saturday and Sunday workshops & social dancing

We are broadening the scope of Westies in Essex to encompass more dance styles, dance flavours and will be introducing new style workshops from January to include, Blues Dancing, Slotted Smooth Jive, and potentially some Ballroom and Latin workshops too as well as continue with West Coast Swing Workshops. We are delighted the renowned Matt Cox from Serene Dance will be teaching some Smooth Slotted Jive Workshops with a WCS flavour to them. His Demo will be Sharon Mortimer who is currently Mike Rosa’s demo for our WCS workshops and was at Potters with us . She has style! We are also delighted to be co-hosting some events with Tor Khan, who runs Evolve Blues dance events and workshops. There will be some Blues workshops and a regular monthly Sunday night ‘mash it up’ social dance/class evening which will suit Blues style dancing, West Coast Swing dancing and smooth slotted jive and also if you love a bit of funky music! Our wonderful Mike Rosa, will return in April for a series of WCS dedicated workshops and is of course coming with us to Potters to teach to again . We hope to confirm early next year our Ballroom and Latin themed workshops too. So! it’s going to become ‘Mash it up’ Saturdays and ‘Mash it up’ Sundays. We hope you will want to come and book on our workshops and come to our socials, especially if you live locally! We want to work with the local dance community, as we are primarily a promoter of monthly social dance workshop events which are day time events!. Our aim is to help you improve your dancing skills so that you enjoy your social dancing so much more. Look out for the events shortly.

Our Stock location is a Fab location, close to M25 Brentwood, ESSex turnoff, M11 and A12 links, ten minutes from Chelmsford

Watch our for our new programme of events at Stock Village hall, Stock, Essex CM4 9NF for 2019, starting January.

Westies in Essex is evolving. I started it 5 years ago so that I could learn West Coast Swing dancing locally and I believe we have been successful in getting people interested in WCS. We even run our own WCS dance weekend event at Potters in Norfolk each year and that really is going from strength to strength. We have had some great support from some great Dance teachers and a great crowd of people attending our workshops over the years, we thank you for that. As with everything in life, life moves on at a pace and things change! Jez and I enjoy the social aspect of dancing, we enjoy different dance styles and we want to offer you more dance experiences in a friendly, fun setting . 

WCS Dance Weekender at Potters, Norfolk

We host an Annual WCS Chilled dance event at Potters in Norfolk and next year will be our 5th year there. 17th to 19th May 2019 . It is a two night, two full days of Dance Workshops and two evenings of social dancing and its full Board! We provide a fun filled WCS dance programme and social dancing and the Potter’s entertainment and activities and dance programmes is included as part of the weekend package. We just love this event. For the first time we have a dedicated programme for newbies to West Coast Swing to help you get a feel for the dance.

Club news!! Next year, starting on Sunday 6th January we will be rolling out our 6 month West Coast Swing challenge Programme, aimed at people looking to learn the fundamentals of WCS and/or improve their social slotted dance technique and dance style in general. All the tips, technique, patterns and musicality styling elements of our programme are transferable to other social dance styles.


Westies in Essex was started 5 years ago as there was no local WCS groups in Essex. We have had some great Guest Teachers over the years and now have the very knowledgeable Mike Rosa as our regular monthly WCS Teacher. We run workshops on the first Sunday of each month.