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Our Intimate chilled WCS Dance Weekend at 5* Potters Resort, Norfolk, 18th to 20th May 2018

We have some two night options still available Friday/Saturday. Full Board. Kevin and Aggie Town and Mike Rosa are our WCS Teachers for this event. This Resort is superb. Accommodation, sumptious, facilities excellent. We have a full programme of WCS classes for Beginners through to advanced WCS Dancers. Ideal weekend to chill wifriends, your partner, and even for non dancers as so much to do! We offer a buddy service if you have no one to book with. This is our 4th year running this event. Get booked on before all the places go!!

WCS Workshop with Mike Rosa Sunday 25th March, Stock Village hall, Stock Essex CM4 9NF

Welcome to Westies in Essex, a club formed to bring West Coast Swing Dancing to Essex. We cater for newbies to WCS and more established WCS dancers.

WORSHOP/TEA Dance format:

12.45pm Doors open for Registration

Class 1
1.00pm Beginners WCS class suitable for WCS Beginners and Beginners + + (ideal if you are a complete Beginner to WCS or have been dancing for eg less than 3 workshops with us or 6 classes elsewhere)

Class 2
1.30pm Beginners Fundamentals – Introducing our new Line Dance footwork class suitable for all levels Beginner onwards to more experienced WCS Dancers

2.00pm TEA Break/Social dancing/Beginners/Beginners + Review back room

The Beyond Basics class is suitable if you have attended 3 of our workshops previously or 6 classes elsewhere and are familiar with the basic patterns of WCS and have started WCS social dancing:

Class 3
2.20pm Beyond Basics! Our second themed workshop….4th February workshop Theme: Introducing Timing changes for basic and basic/variation patterns building on last month’s workshop. Again, the last part of the workshop will focus on consolidating this by bringing in the musicality element to a set track and also a new whip variation will be introduced

3.20 pm TEA Break/Social dancing

Class 4
3.30pm Consolidation of Basic WCS variations class/bringing in the Musicality element to a set track – for level 3 / 4 WCS dancers ( suitable if you have been dancing 6months plus on a regular weekly basis including attending WCS social dancing events)

4.00pm TEA Dance open to all slotted dance styles, including our Beginners/Beginners +

6pm ish CLOSE

There is a pub just next door, so if your workshop level has finished why not have a drink and join us again at 4pm for the TEA DANCE or you can practice in our practice room next door.


Classes 1 & 2 + Beginners Review & TEA Dance £20

Classes 1, 2 & 3 + TEA Dance £20

Classs 2, 3 & 4 + TEA Dance £20

TEA Dance only £6

or email me using secure form on contacts page

For further information please call Janice on 01371 870303

Other events we run:

Monthly WCS practice session for Beginners/Beginners +/Improvers at Great Easton village hall, Dunmow, Essex, 3rd Saturday am of each month. Please message for more details

CHILLED & INTIMATE WCS Dance weekender at 5* Potters Resort, Hopton on Sea, Norfolk. 18th to 20th May 2018, some two night FULL BOARD options in Bungalow Plus accommodation still available. Levelled workshops suitable for all levels. Plush surroundings!, fab venue, lots of WCS workshops, our own exclusive WCS social dancing and free access to all of the Resort’s evening entertainment, activities and dance classes too! It’s our 4th year here!

Forthcoming workshop theme for March workshop

4th March workshop Theme: Extending the basic WCS patterns and basic variations, by introducing rolling anchors, scrolls and rock step. Again, the last part of the workshop will focus on consolidating this by bringing in the musicality element to a set track and also a new whip variation will be introduced

For the remainder of the year we will continue to run themed workshops and will cover things such as Connection with our Partner to encourage ‘playtime’/improvisation for both Lead/Follow, Just Whips will be a theme for another workshop, Musicality and how to use our basic or basic variations to ‘feel’ the music when we dance, changing the tempo, putting the pattern emphasis on a different count etc… so that by the Summer Mike can start to introduce more complex pattern structures, more intricate footwork variations and spin techniques which can make this wonderful dance look amazing. Jez and I agree with Mike that unless we know our fundamentals inside out and can ‘flower them up’ we will find it very hard to move forwards towards the more complex aspects of this dance. So why not take the journey with us and build on your fundamentals with our programme of WCS advancement.