New Dance Programme for 2019!! Encompassing Blues, Smooth slotted jive and WCS



Our Stock location is a Fab location, close to M25 Brentwood, ESSex turnoff, M11 and A12 links, ten minutes from Chelmsford

WCS Potters dance weekend 17th to 19th May 2019. 

We welcome back to this event, Mike Rosa, our regular monthly WCS dance teacher at  Mike Rosa is one of the most experienced WCS professionals in the UK, having taught at the highest level for 10 years, both within the UK and throughout the US and Europe.

Trained by the “Swingdaddy” himself, Mario Robau in Houston Tx, Mike’s focus is on creating more understanding of the dance and he is most passionate about helping his students reach that “Aha!” moment. In his words “understanding leads to quicker progress through more efficient practice”.

I’m delighted Tracey LackTracey Misty Lack is joining us at 5* Potters next year to DJ at our Chilled Intimate WCS Dance weekend 17th to 19th May 2019. DJ Tracey Misty Djs at ‘Chill out’ Smooth jive events, West Coast Swing events in Kent and some Blues events too. She loves funky tunes, r.n b, hip.hop and fun stuff so knows how to work that room! So you smooth jivers not only do we have one of your Dj’s joining us we also have a special WCS programme at our weekender for newbies to WCS, taking their first steps. Lee Bartholomew and Siân Kirkham will be looking after this group. Places are limited! In addition running along side these workshops will be our full WCS dance programme for WCS dancers keen to develop their WCS technique and flair on the social Dancing floor. We will be in the very capable hands of Mike Rosa and Sharon Mortimer, Bring it on! Places are going fast!dance shotJez and I red and white dancingLee and MikeMike and Sharon 1the gang