FREESTYLE SAT 23 November At Stock village hall! CM4 9NF Starts 6pm to 11.30pm. All Welcome

Westies in Essex are hosting an event with Lee Bartholomew and Sian Kirkham. These guys make learning WCS such fun. They are up and coming UK WCS Dance teachers in England.

Lee and Sian are going to take us for a trip down memory lane and back to Blues, the old fashioned Blues! You know the tracks all the Pro’s dance to in Jack n Jill competitions, where they have such fun! We start the evening with a fun fundamentals WCS Blues workshop. Suitable for all levels of WCS experience and that means Beginners too! With Lee B & Sian K teaching … they are guaranteed to get you in the mood for dancing later.

FREESTYLE starts 8pm!Following the workshop there will be a half an hour break to refuel for the evening’s dancing ahead….we encourage everyone to bring and share please. We will of course provide hot and cold drinks and some beverages. There is also a pub right next door if you fancy something stronger or you can of course bring your own tipple.

Workshop starts 6pm to 7.30pm
7.30pm to 8.00pm REFUEL time!
8.00pm to 11.30pm Let the Dancing begin!

I’m delighted to also announce that Lee and Sian will be showcasing their new routine at some point in the evening. Yay!

I really hope you will join us for an evening of Dance, old friends, and new friends and friends of friends. Let’s Dance the night away

£25 for Workshop and Social Dancing
£10 for Social Dancing

For more information call 01371 870303 or whatsapp only please (no mobile signal where I live) to 07702 509257.

Our Stock location is a Fab location, close to M25 Brentwood, ESSex turnoff, M11 and A12 links, ten minutes from Chelmsford